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Timber doors are natural products, and their surface and veneers are not flexible. The timber will swell when it absorbs moisture. Conversely, the timber will shrink when its moisture content falls. Both scenarios of significant moisture content changes will cause the door to warp, crack, and bubble. Hence, the doors must be sealed completely and properly to keep its moisture content stable prior to installation
Failure to properly treat and maintain timber doors as specified below will cause problems including the following; veneer bubbling, timber/veneer cracking, door warping, joinery area cracking, door bowing
  • Four Seas Doors will provide 24 months warranty after the doors are picked up from our company
  • All goods remain the property of Four Seas Doors until paid in full
  • All door surfaces (including top and bottom) must be sealed prior to installation. The correct coats must be used to treat timber doors. Turps, thinner, and acrylic or water-based coats are not suitable for timber doors.
  • External doors must be treated by an exterior coat. Engineered doors with timber veneers are not water- resistant and should be treated with an oil-based coat. Water-based coat may cause veneer bubbling or splitting.
  • The surface and inside of doors should be of standard moisture content (~12%) before each coat of paint is applied. Doors sealed with a high moisture content inside will promote woodworm infestations, and the timber will begin to decay from within after a few months.
  • No different colours for each face for external doors
  • Dark colours are not recommended for external doors
  • External doors must be hung in weather-protected area
  • Doors must be stored and installed in buildings where the environment has a moisture rate of between 11% to 16%. Extremely dry, damp, and freshly plastered environments can cause damage to the door.
  • External doors must be properly maintained every few years, especially for doors exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods. Ensure all the 6 surfaces of the door are refinished with proper resealing to increase lifespan of the door.
entrance door
  • Four Seas Doors will not be responsible for additional charges of hanging, painting, or other changes arising from the replacement of doors
  • Doors are not considered faulty if they are warped less than 6mm on 2040mm (height) doors and 8mm on 2340mm (height) doors
  • Pivot hinges (floor springs) with hold-on function are not recommended for doors 40mm thick, due to the rail of the doors becoming too thin to resist strong wind forces
  • Timber and veneers used are natural products and hence the manufacturer will not take responsibility for significant variation in colour and grain patterns
  • No warranty if the door was slammed by wind without proper protection
  • No warranty if the moisture content of the door falls below 12% or exceeds 16%
  • Cancellation of order will attract a payment of 20% of the agreed total price
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