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Door installation costs Penrith

Door installation Cost

Door installation is one of the most essential home renovation tasks. A correctly installed door enhances your home’s security and heightens the property’s attractiveness when viewed from the outside. Door installation cost at Penrith is between $100 and $300 for regular doors but can be thousands of dollars for high-end doors such as French doors and sliding doors. Factors that impact door installation costs are door types, materials, human resources types, hardware choices, location, Etc.

We have done a lot of research and brainstorming, after which we have created this inclusive guide to give you a comprehensive idea about door installation costs at Penrith, which can boost your home security and beautify your property.

Door types and door installation cost

French doors

These come with two glass panes. The panes can be opened together or separately. The glass material allows sufficient light to enter the property. French doors look chic, modern, and alluring, which complements any interior design—door installation costs $400 to $2000.

Double doors

Double doors heighten your home’s curb appeal, which refers to the appearance of a property when seen from the outside. These exterior doors can be opened together or separately. You don’t need a center frame to lock them. The materials used in double doors are wood and glass. They create an appealing look for your home.

Bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors are used in the most modernly designed properties. They fold up along a line, taking up minimum space and leaving more room for other indoor purposes. The cost is $2800 to $5500.

Sliding doors

These are used in decks, patios, and various spaces. The latest houses with captivating views use sliding doors. The materials used are primarily glass but also wood, aluminum, and vinyl. Door installation costs range from $300 to $1500.


The door installation cost of the patio includes manual service and consultation. The time to install a patio is between three to five hours. Door installation cost: $800 to $1000


The installation costs for garage doors, roller doors, and pocket doors range from $600 to $5000, $900 to $2600, and $800 to $1000, respectively.

Factors Influencing Door Installation Costs in Penrith

Door type

It would help if you chose doors that complement your home exterior. It would help if you also remember that it should match the size of your house’s entryway. Solid wood doors are more costly than glass, vinyl, and aluminum.

Installing solid wood doors is more complex and time-consuming since they are bigger and heavier. Nevertheless, solid wood doors enhance your house’s value if you want to sell your property in the future.

Workforce type

The door installation cost is more significant if you need extra service. Prices are higher for customized doors with additional features. Including locks, sidelights, or wrought iron designs will heighten the prices, as more time and labor are required to finish such installations.

Hardware choices

Hardware affects door installation costs. Door knobs, locks, and hinges are made of different materials and finishes, which makes the costs vary. Locks are of various types, such as mortise locks, deadbolts, rim locks, and night latches. Although they increase the costs, they boost the security of your house.

Additional costs

Removal of worn doors, cost of disposal, and painting doors can raise door installation expenses.


Door installation expenses depend on geographical location and regional living expenses.

Reasons for door installation

Home Renovation

During the renovation of homes, new doors are needed to refurbish the appearance and functionality of homes.

Door replacement

When doors become worn and torn, damaged, outdated, or no longer look good, they need to be replaced by new doors.


Doors must be equipped with more robust locks, which boost home security, so new doors are necessary.


If you install custom-made doors that are decorative and attractive, they will intensify the appearance of your house, enhancing its curb appeal.


Sliding or pocket doors are very useful since they amplify space and strengthen the property’s functionality.

Home Expansion

If you add more rooms to your house or convert your garage into a room, you must install new doors to create a sense of privacy.


Door installation improves your home’s looks, security, functionality, and efficiency. You can install the door yourself or hire an expert handyman.

Finally, If you need a new door installed on your property or ask any questions regarding the process or costs, don’t hesitate to contact us via phone, email, or social media.

We hope you have thoroughly read this article and that it was useful to you in gaining a clear concept of the door installation process and costs, which will aid you in your next home refurbishment venture.

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