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How to choose the best bi-fold doors in Penrith

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If you want to purchase the best bi-fold doors in Penrith, then Meriton Doors can help you for sure. We are a door manufacturer and installation business located in Penrith, Australia. Moreover, we have more than 9 years of experience in this business. Our doors have top-notch quality and a variety of features that suit the different requirements of our customers.

What are folding doors?

Bi-fold doors are sliding or folding doors. They have numerous panels that connect. The panels fold when you open the door. The panels spread out when you close the door.

Secondly, they are quite similar to French doors. They are very aesthetically pleasing and connect the interior of the house to the exterior. In addition, they are very large and slide open completely. You can install them in the interior space of the house as well. Moreover, they divide very large rooms, for instance, living and dining rooms.

Most importantly, they have a glass insert that lets in sufficient light. Thus, you can save money on electricity usage. They have a compact and simple build. They have a larger opening than that of French doors.

The best bi-fold doors in Penrith

Aluminum folding doors

Some bi-fold doors are made of aluminum, which can resist corrosion. It is very durable, and as a result, it protects doors from environmental damage. Aluminum doors are available in different sizes and colors. Remember, they are quite expensive, but you don’t need much money to maintain them. Aluminum folding doors are some of the best bi-fold doors.

Wooden folding doors

These types of doors are great as patio doors. They enhance the look of your space. Also, they are available in different sizes, colors, and shapes. You can choose a different variety of wood for wooden folding doors. In addition, they allow sufficient light to enter your space.

Moreover, they are durable but not corrosion-resistant. They come with glass inserts, which enhance their aesthetic appeal. They are eco-friendly. However, you need to regularly maintain them. Bear in mind that they may expand if temperatures increase.

uPVC folding doors

uPVC folding doors are a cheap choice if you compare them to aluminum and wooden doors. Furthermore, they are thermally efficient and durable. You don’t need to maintain them regularly. You can install them anywhere. They provide good insulation. However, they don’t look very attractive. If the temperature rises, they expand. Furthermore, they are not that robust.

Patio doors

This type of door comes with glass panes. The glass panes can be folded, which results in a larger opening. They make your interior connect with the exterior.

You don’t need to maintain patio doors regularly. They let in sufficient light. Also, they are thermally efficient. Moreover, they have an attractive design. However, they are quite costly.

Factors to consider when selecting the best bi-fold doors


The most important factor affecting the best bi-fold doors is the type of material.

Aluminum folding doors are very narrow and provide a good view of the exterior space. They are suitable for modern houses. They are very durable, and you don’t need to maintain them regularly.

On the other hand, uPVC doors are budget-friendly. They are easy to clean, and you can customize them in different ways. You can furnish them using wood or chrome, according to your needs.

Lastly, wooden doors are very expensive. They are very attractive, especially the oak doors. Yet, bear in mind that you need to maintain them regularly.


The size of the wall where the door will be set up determines the number of panels. It is an important consideration if you want to choose the best bi-fold doors.

Usually, interior designers make maximum use of the wall space when installing folding doors. Keep in mind that if you want sufficient light inside your house, make sure that the panels have more glass panes between them.


Security is a very important factor to consider when selecting folding doors. These doors should have locking systems. In addition, bi-fold doors with double glazes ensure security since they come with glass panes, which are tough for the thief to lift.

Energy efficiency

Folding doors must have excellent insulation quality. This helps maintain the temperature of the interior space and thus lower electricity costs. Since Penrith has very uncomfortable weather, doors need to be energy efficient.

Glass choices

Folding doors have glass, which keeps the interior warm, makes it soundproof, and keeps it safe from intruders. One option is laminated glass.

Corrosion resistance

The weather in Penrith is quite unpredictable. Thus, you need to select weather-resistant doors. You need to make sure that the sun or rain does not damage them.


Bear in mind that the design of folding doors should be an important consideration when purchasing them. Furthermore, they should go with the style of your house. Besides, they must heighten the appearance of your space. It is an essential aspect to consider when selecting the best bi-fold doors.


You must observe the prices of various door manufacturers to find the best options. Keep your budget in mind when selecting bi-fold doors. Meanwhile, don’t forget about quality.


To sum up, Meriton Doors is an excellent door manufacturer that suits both commercial and residential needs. For your information, we have a trustworthy and knowledgeable team of professionals.

One of our options is manufacturing the best bi-fold doors. These are very stylish, durable, secure, and sturdy, which will greatly appeal to our clients. Meriton Doors commits to quality door manufacture and delivery. Our customer service is also excellent. Our professionals have a lot of expertise in their craft. They would change the look of your living space and heighten safety.

The services of Meriton Doors are functional and flexible. We guarantee your complete satisfaction. Therefore, get in touch with us right away to delve into the arena of the best bi-fold doors in Penrith.
Finally, If you need a new door installed on your property or ask any questions regarding the process or costs, don’t hesitate to contact us via phone: at +61 424 129 939, email, or social media. Visit here to see our products.


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